• From Chairman Desk


In the ever changing world,we seldom think rationally and the result being that we are always the last passengres to board the flight! we speak of modernisation and think proudly to be in the 21st century naver giving a second thought whether we are in tune with the changes, We have to make bold to accept the fact the there is still so much to learn.We have to make strong commitments to remove our misteks and accept reality.It is only then that our societ and our country will be put into gear to surpass the present ups and down,We being Indians,it is our prime duty to help the ignorant ones and to realise probleam like illiteracy and communalism,The young generation is easily shadowed by westernisation and end up forgeting the reach cultural heritage of our country.
When a child fails to redeem his/her honour;he/she might either become aggressive or turn introvert and therefore proper psychiatric treatmentand counseling is needed to be given by the teacher and parents weather at home or at school lavel,The teachers shuld be confident of there subject teaching and they shuld take up teaching as profession with full devotion and dedication in order to import proper education in true sanse of term.I strongly support Mr.Shiva Khera's Slogan"Education The MIND without MORALS creates a MANIAC in the socieety." Hense a great eeffort is needed for the upliftment of the all round development of a student."Time and tide waits for none" keeping this in view we should try to procure the best and forget the rest